Name: Ian Morrison
Home town: Burley in Wharfedale

My first love was photography and throughout this site you will see some
of the work that i have done, my poetry came along as a way for me to express
myself and my feelings. So Love, Life and poetry has been born from my pen.
Albert Einstein once quoted “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
I feel that all children should be allowed to feed off their imagination
instead of being force fed knowledge to become robots of the state.


As you have read above I am a family man who cherishes and worships his
wife and children. But there is another side to me, I deplore violence of any
kind, I am also an avid supporter of anti-capitalism as i feel that this great
country of ours is being devoured by capitalist fat cats who have no regard for
the workers who put the money in their pockets. In life we learn allot but one
thing that horrifies me is the illegal taking of Palestine and the degrading
use of embargo and force from Isreal. The people of Palestine are forced to sit
back and let the Israeli government do what they want to the holy lands of
Palestine. This must stop and the Palestinian people must be given back there
land the more that we as a nation sit back and say nothing, the more that we
are to blame for the atrocities that occur every single day there.

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